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My way or the highway” CD (2014) featuring Rick Altzi, Åge Sten Nilsen, Nic Angileri, John Macaluso and Espen Rogne.
Reviewed by Hardrockhaven.net: – ……“On “Bad Blood” and “Don´t Call Me,” vocalist Rick Altzi sounds like a heavy Jeff Scott Soto, and the songs reflect a dark Malmsteen-esque vibe. Age Sten Nilsen handles vocals on “Tell Me What You Want,” where he puts forth his best Ian Gillian-esque vocal performance.

The fret-board work here is on a par with what you would expect. Moren’s skills exclusively are showcased on the instrumental song “Slow Down.” And, as with the vocals, his style and approach on each song is defined by the type of music performed and is represented in the guise of heavy-blues and Hard Rock. Plenty of melody, classy riffs and solos abound on My Way or the Highway. The musicianship, all around, is as one would expect, and that is top notch.”


TORE ST MOREN - Devilbird - 2012






Devilbird” CD (2013) featuring Nic Angileri, John Macaluso and special guest Lars Lind.

Reviewed by Hardrockhaven.net: – ….” Tore St Moren’s Devilbird is a combination of straight-up rockers, ballads and some fast and intricate tracks. The music is energetic, passionate and dynamic. The production is flawless, highlighting layered guitar tracks, punchy bass riffs and tight percussion. Moren displays a knack for melody, and he has mastered the fret board, producing elegant bluesy solos and flashy, speedy riffs that he combines with his unique rhythm style.”


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