New partner for bookings in Belgium

I´m happy to announce my partnership with Hydra Productions & Booking Agency for bookings in Belgium. Looking forward to an exciting and cool cooperation with this solid and well merited company!






Tore St Moren in Bryne on January 18, 2014

New bookingagent

I´m proud to tell you that I´m now one of the artists @ Aronsen Booking & Management. This is a renowned agency that has been around since may 1997, and works with some of the biggest names in norwegian entertainment.


Logo Arne

Tore St Moren in Trondheim on February 15, 2014


Now that we´re in the middle of the holidays I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your love and support the past year.
2013 has been a very exciting year for me as an artist. I´ve released my first soloalbum, and built a strong foundation for the future. I´m very proud to have had Nic Angileri, John Macaluso, Lars Lind, Terje Jørgensen, Hasse Ørbjo and Kjartan Kristiansen making “Devilbird” just the album I wanted to create when I left Jorn in 2012.
I´ve also had the privilege of becoming a member of the Rick Hanes Guitars family, as they built my very own signature series. We will continue working together in 2014, and I can promise some very cool items showing up there next year.
My main focus for the first half of 2014 is the release of my second album which will be recorded in Urban Sound Studios, Oslo in the first half of february. I will still have Nic and John with me, as well as my new brother in arms – Espen Rogne. The new album moves into a harder and heavier direction, and this time there will be vocals, as well as a couple of instrumental tracks. I have already booked the date and venue for the releasegig. Stay tuned for updates here and on my Facebook artistpageRick Hanes happy holidays.

Instrubrutal re-released

My instrumental track “Instrubrutal” has been re-released on iTunes. It was originally released on my old band Carnivora´s first album titled “Judas” (2004). The track was also on the compilation “Shredding across the world – vol.1” (2008) by Shredguy Records along with tracks from Rob Johnson, Tom Kopyto, Michael Abdow and more.

The track features Bjarne Torud (bass), Espen Storø (keyboards) and Hellhammer (drums)

New album

I´m very happy to announce that my second album is about to become real.

John Macaluso and Nic Angileri will of course be the rythm section on the new album, as on Devilbird. A new addition to the band is a very talented young guitarplayer – Espen Rogne from Norway.

The recording will take place in Urban Sound Studios in Oslo, Norway in the first half of february 2014. The release is scheduled for early may.




I´m proud to announce that I´ve teamed up with CEO John B. Malden and his company MarshalConsult Norway for my upcoming ventures.


New free track on

I have signed up at and uploaded a demoversion of a new track from my upcoming album. The goal is to start a campaign to raise funds for the recording of my next album. Please check it out, and share with your friends and subscribers on social media. Let´s dance!

Tore St Moren signature guitar

Tore st Moren is now officially a member of the Rick Hanes Guitars family after having his signature guitar built by them. The guitar will be available through their website shortly.